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The wikimanQala (first letter is lower-case; "Q" is capitalized!) was created by Víktor Bautista i Roca in 2002 as a Catalan Wiki on mancala games. English language articles began to appear early in 2004 and the wiki was moved to a new domain in August 2006, when it became known as "wikimanQala". The wiki rapidly grew to over 200 English articles within a year. They were licensed to the public under the Creative Commons-Share Alike Licence (Cc-by-sa). WikimanQala was the first wiki devoted to mancala games.

After Ralf Gering, the main author, ended his collaboration in February 2007 due to major disagreements with the wiki's founder, wikimanQala became largely inactive. As of September 15, 2011, it had 241 legitimate content pages (including stubs).

The Wiki became defunct in 2014.

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