Mancala World
Inventor: Bernard Vander Beken,
Variant of Volcano & Mega Volcano
Ranks: Five by Five or Six by Six
Sowing: Single laps
Region: Belgium

Vertigo is a variant of Volcano and Mega Volcano played with six or nine stashes. Instead of capturing pieces, Vertigo is all about building single color towers. Vertigo was created in 2008 by Bernard Vander Beken, Bruges area (Belgium). As of February 2010, the game was still under development, in the initial design stage. Van der Beken is a software developer interested in agile software development, often using Microsoft technologies, and works as a .NET consultant at Itineris.

What you need

5 Treehouse sets and a set of Volcano caps.


A "tower" is a stack of 5 "trees" (a stack of a small piece on top of a medium piece on top of a large piece) of the same color. This is the way a "Treehouse stash" (a collection of 15 Icehouse pieces, all of the same color) is sold, except for being one color.


Same as Volcano or Mega Volcano.


Same as Solitaire Volcano, except

  • When a Volcano erupts, pieces are not captured, they remain where they land.

Ending the Game

The game ends as soon as all pieces are part of a tower and each tower is topped with a black volcano cap.

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