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Urim → German, Portuguese.

Other Names: Huri, Ouri,
Ourim, Òrè, Ori, Ôrim, Ourim,
Uri, Uril, Urinca
First Description: Elísio
Romariz Santos Silva, 1994
Cycles: One
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single laps
Region: Cape Verde

Urim is a close variant of Oware, which is played on the island of Brava, Cape Verde and by Cape Verdean migrants in Angola. It is related to Orôà, a mancala game from Guinea-Bissau. Urim is played on wooden boards (banco de ouri) with seeds of Caesalpinia crista L. (nickernuts) by men.

The rules of the game differ slightly from island to island.


The rules are similar to Oware.


  • A row can number either six or seven pits.
  • Captures are effected, if the last seed (urin) makes a two or a three on the opponent's side (as in Oware), but the contents of preceding pits are won when they contain twos, threes or fours (!) in a continuous chain as long as they are too on the opponent's side.
  • A pit may not contain more than 17 seeds.
  • A player gets two points, when he wins 3/4 of the total number of seeds (36 or 42 depending on the size of the board), one point, when he has got less, but more than half of the available seeds.

Cape Verdean Riddle

In Cape Verdean Creole:

Doze boc', quarenta e oit' den' -- ouri


Twelve mouths, forty-eight dents -- Ouri

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