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Two-handed Bulgarian Solitaire
Inventor: Tim Bancroft, 2004
Ranks: n/a
Sowing: Reverse
Region: USA

Two-handed Bulgarian Solitaire was invented in 2004 by Tim Bancroft, a senior mathematics major at Augsburg College, Minneapolis (Minnesota), USA. He has studied under the direction of research advisor Prof. Su Dorée. The game was presented at the AMS/MAA Joint meetings in Phoenix, Arizona, January 2004. It grew out of a puzzle from Discrete Mathematical Structures class. The game, using reverse sowing, is a two-person variant of Bulgarian Solitaire.


The game is played with coins arranged in piles. Each player owns a separate group of piles.

At each turn a player removes the top coin from each pile, possibly eliminating piles.

Then he gives that collected pile of coins to the other player.

The game ends when a previously encountered arrangement is repeated.


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