Mancala World
Two-dimensional Sowing
Inventor: Jeff Erickson, 1996
Ranks: [not fixed]
Sowing: Single laps
Region: USA

Two-dimensional Sowing was invented by the American computer scientist Jeff Erickson in 1996. It is a variant of the mancala game of Sowing.


The board consists of pots that form a two-dimensional grid.

The two players are called Left and Right.

Seeds are sown as in sowing game and the last seed must be put into a non-empty pot.

Left sows upwards or downwards; Right sows to the left or right.

Whenever a seed lands in a non-empty pot, its contents, including the new seed, are captured. Thus, at least two seeds are captured each move.

The player who moves last wins the game.

As no initial position was given by Erickson, players are free to experiment with different opening patterns.


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