Tuca Tuca

Tuca Tuca → Portuguese.

Tuca Tuca
Inventor: Christoph Breitbach,
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Multiple laps
Region: Germany

Tuca Tuca was designed on October 4, 2009, by Christoph Breitbach. At this time he was still 11. Christoph is also one of the best German archers of his age, he won the 4th place of the German Championships in 2009 and 2010.

The game was a discipline of the 9th Annual U-Con Abstract Games Tournament, Ann Arbor MI (USA), in 2009. The tournament was won by Tom Knapp (USA).


The game is played on a two-row board with six holes each.

At the start every hole contains four seeds.


Initial Position

On his turn a player empties one of his holes and sows its contents, one by one, counterclockwise into the ensuing holes.

If the last seed falls into an occupied hole, the contents of the next hole are distributed in another lap ("Indian-style sowing").

If the last seed is dropped into an empty hole on the player's own side of the board, he captures this seed and the contents of the opposite hole. If the opposite hole is empty, nothing is captured.

If the empty hole was the last one of the row (known as "Sternmulde" = star hole), the player only captures the single seed. However, he captures it even when the opposite hole is empty.

The move ends, when the last seed falls into an empty hole on either side of the board or the next hole is empty.

The game ends, when a player has nothing left to move on his turn. The remaining seeds are given to the player who has still seeds in his holes.

The game is won by the player who has captured most seeds. If both players have got the same number, the game is a draw.

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