Inventor: Walter Joris, 2002
Variant of Cirk
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single laps
Region: Belgium

Tornado is a paper-and-pencil game, which was invented by the Belgian game designer Walter Joris in 2002. The game is a minor variant of Cirk.


The game is played on a sheet of squared paper. The squares already printed on the paper are henceforth called "small squares".

Initially the players draw six large squares of 4 x 4 small squares on the paper. The large squares must be connected to each other and arranged in two rows of three squares. They are called "fields" or "basins"

Then each player draws a mark in a small square of each large square and one extra mark in another small square, making a total of seven. Every player has his own kind of marks; e.g. one player may draw filled circles, while the other makes open circles. The small squares are marked from left to right and from the top to the bottom of the large squares.

One player plays clockwise, the other anti-clockwise. As the moves proceed in opposite directions, which can be confusing, it is recommended to mark the course of play with arrows.

On his turn a player "takes" his own marks out of a basin and distributes them one by one in his direction into the following basins. The original marks are crossed out on the paper. The new marks are drawn in small squares. If a player reaches the last basin, he continues the sowing with the first basin, as if the basins were arranged in a circle.

If the last mark is drawn in a basin that contains only enemy marks, they are crossed out.

If the last mark is drawn in a basin that contains only friendly marks, they are also crossed out. However, these marks re-enter the game on the player's next turn by sowing them from a basin chosen at random, empty or full.

The game ends when a player has lost all his marks.

The player who has still marks left, wins.


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