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Toguz Poddavki → German, Portuguese.

Toguz Poddavki
Inventor: Ralf Gering,
Variant of Toguz Kumalak
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single laps
Region: Germany

Toguz Poddavki (Give-away Toguz Kumalak) was invented by Ralf Gering in Hain (Germany) on November 6, 2010. Its name was inspired by Russian Give-away Draughts, which is called Shashki Poddavki. The game is a suicide variant of Toguz Kumalak. The endgame rules were finalized after a test game played with Miceu Tavares on November 8, 2010.

According to the author, Toguz Poddavki isn't meant to become a serious game, but to be a funny filler. He got the idea to it, when he tried to find the shortest Toguz Kumalak game, which is mathematically possible.


Toguz Poddavki is played according to the same rules as Toguz Kumalak except for the following changes:

  • Moves, which either capture the contents of an opponent's pit (making them even), create a tuzdyk or drop a ball into the players's own tuzdyk, are mandatory. Any other move, including dropping a ball into the opponent's tuzdyk, is only permitted, if none of these is possible.
  • As in the standard game a game is over, when a player cannot move at his turn. However, the remaining balls are awarded to the player who couldn't play anymore.
  • The player who captures the majority of balls (i.e. 82 or more) loses.

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