Mancala World
Inventor: Martin Windischer, 2009
Ranks: Three by Six and Seven
Sowing: Single laps
Region: Austria

Storm was invented by Martin Windischer (Austria) in 2009. According to its author, the game was influenced by Mancala.

Windischer, the Bronze medallist of the International Mathematical Olypiad 2002, lives in Innsbruck. He is an avid Go player and has designed numerous abstract strategy games, among them Fantasy Chess, India, Temple, and Yellow.


At the start of the game each player owns three stacks, which consist of three stones of his color, either White or Black.

Initial Position

A stack is owned by the player whose piece is on top of it.

At his turn, a player distributes the contents of one of his stacks, one by one, leaving one piece behind on hexagons adjacent to each other. The pieces must be sown from bottom to top. It is allowed to visit the same hexagon twice, but pices may not be distributed back and forth. After the move the last piece (the top one) has to be more advanced (towards the opponent) than the original stack.

If a hexagon is occupied, the new stone is placed on top. Thus, stacks of the opponent can be captured. However, no piece is ever removed from the board.

The game is won by the player who, at his turn, cannot make a move because his pieces are all blocked in stacks belonging to his opponent or have reached the last hexagon. Draws are not possible.

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