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Indonesian stamp showing Congklak

Mancala games are depicted on numerous stamps and also on related items such as postal artwork, which illustrates their cultural significance especially in Africa and Asia, where most stamps were published. The philatelic history of mancala stamps encompasses more than half a century and at least 15 different countries. Themes range from traditional scenes to modern comic figures. It is strange that several large countries don't seem to have mancala stamps, such as India, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, and South Africa, although mancala games are of great importance there.

Other abstract strategy board games, which can be often seen on stamps, are Chess, Go and Draughts.


Game Country Year Notes
[Unknown] Djibouti 1991 "Jeux traditionnels" (photo)
Awale Ivory Coast 1971 "National Lottery" (photo)
Bao Tanzania 1988 "Traditional Games"; the original artwork (250 x 180 mm) was designed by Paul Peter Ndembo in 1987 and the postage stamp was issued on February 15, 1988 (artwork; stamp)
Bao Tanzania 2009 "Youth and Sports" (stamp)
Bao Tanzania 2012 "Material Culture" (stamp)
Congkak Malaysia 2002 Maximum Card (MC) (photo)
Congkak Malaysia 2010 "Upin & Ipin" (photo)
Congklak Indonesia 1954 "Untuk Anak", i.e. children's games (photo (third from right))
Dakon Indonesia 2001 "Millenium Set" (photo)
Gebeta Ethiopia 1984 Traditional Sports (photo (lower right)
Mancala Lesotho 1991 "Children's Games (Walt Disney)" (photo (upper row center))
"Morabaraba" (probably a misnomer) Botswana 1977 "Historical Monuments" (photo (lower center))
Mraha Mayotte 2003 Similar to Bao la Kiswahili (photo)
N'tshuwa Mozambique 1985 "Traditional Games and Sports" (photo)
Ô Ăn Quan Vietnam 1984 Commemorating the famous silk painting Chơi Ô ăn quan (photo)
Songo Equatorial Guinea 2007 "Old Toys" (more information)
Songo Gabon 1989 "Jeux traditionnels du Gabon" (photo)
Sungka Philippines 2009 "Children's Games (National Stamps Collection Month November)" (photo (lower right))
Um ed-Dyar Mauritania 1996 "Jeux Traditionels" (photo (left))

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