Mancala World
Solitaire Volcano
Inventor: Kristin Looney,
Variant of Volcano
Ranks: Five by Five
Sowing: Single laps
Region: USA

Solitaire Volcano is a variant of Volcano, which was designed by Kristin Looney in 2000. In fact, Looney had envisioned Volcano as a solitaire game, before it became a multi-player game.

The game is more like a puzzle and the challenges to be solved make an excellent training for regular Volcano. They help to develop the player's ability to move the black caps around, so that they'll be able to take the pieces they want to erupt.


The game follows the standard rules of Volcano, but is played by just one person who has to achieve a particular goal:

  • The player tries to capture all of the red pieces with a minimum of other colors. He gets one point for each piece he takes that isn't red. Assuming the player begins with a black cap on a red piece, he should be able to get a perfect score of 0.
  • The player tries to capture all of the large pieces with a minimum of other sizes.
  • The player tries to capture exactly one complete tree of each color.

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