Slime Trail
Inventor: Bill Taylor (?),
early 2000s
Ranks: Six by Eight
Sowing: Fractured
Region: New Zealand (?)

Snake Pit is a variant of Slime Trail. The game was probably invented by Bill Taylor (New Zealand) in the early 2000s. The game has a "leave-a-track" move mechanism akin to the sowing in mancala games. It is one of the few games that must be played by three persons. This, howver, can result in unfair coalitions.

The game was described by João Neto on his web site "World of Abstract Games", but his English is rather poor and misleading (e.g. he calls any method to make a game fair "pie rule").


Initial Position
The game is played on a hexagonal board with sides of six hexagons and four sides with eight hexagons. The game is played by three players, each one having four snakes of his color.

On his turn, a player moves thrre of his four snakes to an adjacent hexagon, leaving a token (e.g. a Go stone) on the hexagons he vacates.

  • It is not permitted to visit a hexagon twice.
  • In the first and second turn of the game, the respective players only move one and two snakes.

A player loses when he cannot complete a legal move, i.e. when he has two snakes blocked.

Draws and ties are not possible.

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