Mancala World
Partisan Sowing
Inventor: Jeff Erickson, 1996
Variant of Sowing
Ranks: One
Sowing: Single laps
Region: USA

Partisan Sowing, a mancala game, was invented by the American computer scientist Jeff Erickson in 1996. It is a variant of Sowing.


The game is played with colored seeds using a one-rank mancala board. Erickson suggested red and blue seeds. The pits are called pots.

The players are called Left and Right.

A legal move consists of sowing all the seeds of your color in any pot, one by one, in your direction into the succeeding pots, in such a way that the last seed is put into a pot containing at least one other seed of your color, and capturing the seeds of your opponent in that pot.

The player who moves last wins the game.

Erickson didn't give a starting position, so you can experiment to find the one you like best.


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