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Ouri → Portuguese.

First Description: António
Carreira, 1947
Other Names: Huri, Ourim,
Òrè, Ori, Ôrim, Ourim, Uri,
Uril, Urim, Urinca
Cycles: One
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single laps
Region: Cape Verde

Ouri is a close variant of Oware, which is played on Cape Verde and by Cape Verdean migrants in Angola, Portugal and the USA.

The game is shown in many works of Manuel Figueira, a well-known artist from Sao Vicente, and numerous other contemporary painters who were born in Cape Verde.

The Ouri rules differ slightly from island to island. The following rules (given by Miceu Tavares) are used in large inter-school tournaments with over 2,100 participants in Portugal.


Ouri tournament in Covilhã (Portugal) March 13, 2009

The rules are similar to Oware.

Differences are:

  • Singletons can only be moved, if the player has only singletons left in his holes.
  • A Grand Slam (a move which captures all of your opponent's seeds in one turn) is permitted. After that the player moves again and must feed his opponent.

Ouri in America

I used to watch them play when I was a kid. They used seeds. I remember watching this man when I was a little girl. He was from Praia. He must have brought the game with him to the house because everytime he got ready to go home, he'd put the board under his arm to take home. I used to like to play with the little seeds but I'd get a slap on the hand. I learned to play though, by watching."

Interview with Julia Cabral, 16 Oct. 1985

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