Mancala World
Other Names: Ohojitxi
First Description: Jordi
Climent Tondo, 2009
Cycles: One
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single laps
Region: Ivory Coast

Ohojichi is played in the Agbo region of the Ivory Coast. It is a very unusual mancala game, which seems to be related to Lontu-holu of the Bush Negroes in Suriname. The game has been spelled Ohojitxi, when it was first described by Jordi Climent Tondo in 2009, but this is a Catalanisation of the Ivorian spelling.


The game is played on a board with two rows of six holes each. Initially each hole contains four seeds.

Each player owns one half of the board.


Initial Position (border between players in red)

On his turn a player picks up the seeds of one of his holes and then distributes them, one by one, counterclockwise into the ensuing holes of his half of the board.

A move ends after one sowing.

The contents of a hole are captured, when the last seed makes a four. Any fours in a continuous line preceding this hole (on the player's own half of the board) are also captured.

The captured seeds are picked up and then placed into one hole of his opponent.

A player wins, if he has passed all his seeds to his opponent (i.e. when his side has become empty).

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