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Nasty Crossroads
Other Names: Crossroads
Mancala 2
Inventor: Sue & Joe Hanson,
early 2000s
Variant of Basic Crossroads &
Ranks: Four
Sowing: Multiple laps
Region: USA

Nasty Crossroads was invented by Sue and Joe Hanson in the early 2000s. They live in Mahomet, Illinois (USA). This mancala game was especially designed for four players. It uses a unique cross-shaped board, hence its name. The game is produced by Happy Viking Crafts, a business owned by the Hansons. A related variant is Basic Crossroads.


The game is played like Basic Crossroads except for the following:

  • Stones are also sown into opponent's reservoirs.
  • If the last stone falls into an opponent's reservoir, its contents are captured and put into the player's own reservoir. This is called "nasty capture".


The game is well suited to being played with a partner who sits across from you. The winning team must have captured more stones together than the other two players.


Hanson, S. & J.
All about Mancala: Its History and How to Play. Happy Viking Crafts, Mahomet IL (USA) 2003, 47-54.

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