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Inventor: Xevi Noè i
Nogueiras & Guerre,
Ranks: Three by Three
Sowing: Multiple laps
Region: Spain

Nanelé is a two-dimensional sowing game designed by Xevi Noè i Nogueiras and his friend Guerre from the city of Argentona (Spain) in 2000.


Nanelé is played on a board with 3 x 3 pits. Each player needs 24 seeds. At the start of the game the board is empty.


Nanelé Board

In the first stage of the game, each player puts a seed in any pit of the board, while in the second stage a turn starts by emptying a pit which contains two or more seeds.

If a seed is placed into a non-empty pit (during the first stage) or a pit is emptied (during the second stage), its contents are distributed in one or several laps until the last seed falls into an empty pit.

The original pit must remain empty, when its seeds are sown in the first lap.

Seeds can be sown in any of the four direction. When a player reaches the edge of the board, he continues to sow in the opposite direction in the next row describing an "8" or a "", which eventually covers the whole board. Thus there are four directions to go to when a player starts with the central pit, which are branching into eight cycles (to be exact: four pairs of "congruent" cycles), after the sowing has reached the edge.

The contents of a pit are captured, if the last seed of a lap makes a four. However, a capture cannot be effected in the first stage by putting a seed from the player's reserve into a pit which contains three seeds.

The game ends when no pit contains more than singletons in the second stage.

The player who had captured more seeds wins.

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