Inventor: Véronique Gautheron,
Variant of Tchoukaillon
Ranks: One
Sowing: Multiple laps
Region: France

Multitchouka is a variant of Tchoukaillon, which in turn is a variant of Tchuka Ruma. The game was invented by the French mathematician Véronique Gautheron in 1977. In fact, Multitchouka can be considered as a generalization of Tchuka Ruma (n holes, k seeds originally distributed in any pattern).


The rules are the same as those of Monokalah, another Tchoukaillon variant, except for the following:

  • If the last counter falls in a non-empty hole, its contents are distributed in a new lap. Actually, Multichouka is just Monokalah played with multiple laps.


Initial position suggested by V. Gautheron (roumba marked)

As in Tchoukaillon and Monokalah the object of the game is to accumulate all stones in the store ("roumba"). The player loses if the last stone of a lap is placed into an empty hole.


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