Mancala World
Montenegrinisches Mancala
Inventor: Rüdeger Baumann,
Variant of Stones in Cups
Ranks: One
Sowing: Single laps
Region: Germany

Montenegrinisches Mancala (i.e. "Montenegrian Mancala") was invented in 2010 by the German mathematician Rüdeger Baumann [phone call of May 23, 2011]. Its invention was inspired by the Mancala Solitaire of Roland Schröder, a math teacher in Celle (Germany), who was attributed as the actual creator of the game. The game is a variant of Stones in Cups.


The game is played by one person.

In the game, a group of N cards is divided into several decks, which are placed in a line.

A move consists of distributing the cards of the leftmost deck, one by one, to the right on the succeeding decks. The remaining cards form new decks of height 1.

The game ends when a board position repeats.


Baumann, R.
Montenigrinisches Mancala. In: Log In 2010; 30 (163/164): 141.


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