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Mini Volcano
Other Names: Mini-Volcano,
Inventor: Ryan McGuire, 2003
Ranks: Four by Four
Sowing: Single laps
Region: USA

Mini Volcano, a variant of Volcano, was designed by Ryan McGuire (USA) in 2003. It can be played by 1-4 people.


Recommeded Setup

Mini Volcano uses five nests of three colors (using the Green, Blue, and Yellow pyramids) and five caps of the fourth color (Red). The game is played on a 4x4 board.

Many types of setup are possible. The one on the right has been recommended because it yields enjoyable games.

The general rules (in regard to movement, capture, and scoring) are all the same as in the standard game.

However, to make the game longer and a little bit more challenging, it doesn't stop until a player is unable to make a move that results in the capture of a piece.

Note that it's always legal to make a move without making a capture; the game ends only when no piece can be captured, not when a move is made without capturing something.

5x5 Variant

One Possible Setup

Some prefer a sparsely populated 5x5 board as shown on the right since a volcano on one edge of a 5x5 board can fully erupt toward the opposite edge. Another setup suggested by the game's inventor in 2006 leaves the four corners and the center square empty.

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