Mancala World
mikro tsoro
Inventor: Matthias
Liszt, 2007
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Multiple laps
Region: Austria

mikro tsoro (small letters!) was invented by Matthias Liszt in Vienna (Austria) in 2007. He tried with this game to find the minimal requirements of a playable mancala game.


The game is played on a board, which is composed of two rows, each one with five holes.

At the beginning each hole contains two stones.


Initial Position

On his turn a player sows the contents of one of his holes, one by one, from left to right into the following holes of his side.

If the last stone falls into an occupied hole, its contents are distributed in another lap.

If the player reaches the right end of his row, he continues his sowing in his leftmost hole. Each player only sows on his side of the board

If the last stone is dropped into an empty hole, the player captures the contents of the opposite hole. He takes the stone, which effected the capture, and the captured stones and then sows them in a new lap starting in the next hole to the right.

If the opposite hole was empty, the move ends without anything being captured.

The player who captured all the stones of his adversary is the winner.


Liszt, M.
mikro tsoro. E-mail to the Yahoo! forum "mancalagames" March 23, 2007.


Adapted from the Wikinfo article, "mikro tsoro", used under the GNU Free Documentation License.