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Mark Steere was born in 1959 in Palo Alto, California, USA. Steere has a son, Chris Steere, and two cats, Moe and Pearl.

Steere is a real estate agent ("Steere Properties") who is known as a game inventor throughout the world. His first game, Quadrature, won the American Mensa Award in 1993. Steere's most recent award was Parents' Choice for Cephalopod in 2006. He invented 52 games, most of them abstract board games. Numerous games (probably more than of any other game author) were programmed for online play on various internet game servers (e.g. Super Duper Games (SDG), Richard's PBeM Server) and as downloadable, standalone programs. Mark Steere is the main sponsor of Super Duper Games.

Steere's Games

Name Object of the Game Year
Quadrature 1. Capturing (reducing your opponent's counters on board to less than three); 2. Reaching the "bar" (three squares behind the opponent's initial position) 1992
Tanbo Last move (strong territorial aspect and annihilation of the opponent) 1993
Impasse No move (removing all your counters from the board) 2003
Byte Two (International Byte: Three) stacks of height eight (i.e. "vertical rows") 2005
Box Hex Connection 2006
Cephalopod Larger territory 2006
Copolymer Larger territory 2006
Diffusion Empty area (mancala game) 2006
Four-rank Diffusion Empty area (mancala game) 2006
Net Y Connection 2006
Scribe Larger territory with pattern-formation ("Majority Version"); Pure pattern formation ("Superglyph Version") 2006
Crossway Connection 2007
Dipole Capturing (Annihilation; Pseudo-Stacking Game) 2007
Levee Connection 2007
Square Oust Capturing (Annihilation) 2007
Hex Oust Capturing (Annihilation) 2007
Palisade Larger territory 2007
Rush Larger territory 2007
Anchor (Anchor 3D) Connection 2008
Anchor 2D Connection 2008
Atoll Connection 2008
Begird Connection 2008
Blood Diamonds Thematic board game played with dice (non-abstract) 2008
Lariat Connection 2008
Loophole (Loophole 3D) Connection 2008
Loophole 2D Connection 2008
Mobius Connection 2008
Square Grid Hex (Slash) Connection 2008
Starboard Y Connection 2008
Super Lariat Connection 2008
Variable Trump Tute Trick-playing card game (non-abstract) 2008
Basic No move (removing all your counters from the board; with stacking) 2009
Eccentric Y Connection 2009
Grand Hex Connection 2009
Hex KB Connection 2009
Liger (Riptide) No move (with stacking) 2009
Mosaic Larger territory 2009
X Connection (three players) 2009
Cage Capturing (Annihilation) 2010
Colonnade Last move 2010
Flume (hex hex) Larger territory 2010
Flume (square) Larger territory 2010
Fractal Connection 2010
Jostle Last move 2010
Mad Bishops Capturing (Annihilation) 2010
Mad Rooks Capturing (Annihilation) 2010
Rive Larger Territory 2010
Monkey Queen Capturing (Pseudo-Stacking Game) 2011
Marvin Larger territory 2012
Red Stone Annihilation (strong territorial aspect) 2012
Shuffle No move (removing all your counters from the board) 2012
Squinsh No move (removing all your counters from the board) 2012
Trivor] Connection 2012
Tripen Connection 2013
Gyre Connection 2015

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