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mancalagames is a Yahoo! forum on mancala games founded by the British Oware master Paul Smith on January 1, 2001. A co-moderator is Ralf Gering. The group has over 200 members and more than 2,450 messages in their archives (as of March 14, 2009). Its files section contains photos of mancala boards and tournaments, mancala problems, and an extensive section of free mancala literature. It discusses everything related to mancala games and announces events such as tournaments and workshops throughout the world.

Famous Members

Name Country Achievements Joined
Jorge Gómez Arrausi Spain Game Inventor (Pilare) Mar 13, 2004
Víktor Bautista i Roca Spain Master Player (Oware), Promoter Apr 29, 2002
Luca Cerrato Italy Author Apr 30, 2005
Robert Oba Cullins USA President (International Warri Society) Nov 10, 2002
Jeroen Donkers Netherlands Researcher (Bao la Kiswahili, Kalah) May 1, 2002
Ralf Gering Germany Author, Game Inventor (55Stones, Afrika, Kauri & many more), Promoter Feb 4, 2004
David Kotin Czech Rublic Tournament Organizer (Pardubice, Prague) Oct 21, 2006
Tom Kronenburg Netherlands Researcher (Bao la Kiswahili) Apr 15, 2005
Mauricio de Leo Italy Master Player (Oware) Feb 7, 2006
Matthias Liszt Austria Game Inventor (long night game) Aug 15, 2006
Joao Neto Portugal Promotor Mar 1, 2004
Rob Nierse Netherlands Researcher (Bao la Kiswahili) Apr 29, 2002
Clark D. Rodeffer USA Game Inventor (Cow Poke, Tea Party, Zig Zag & many more) Feb 29, 2004
Larry Russ USA Author (Mancala Games) Apr 23, 2002
Guy Sepahi France Master Player (Awale), Tournament Organizer (Cannes) Mar 28, 2004
Maxat Shotayev Kazakhstan Master Player (Toguz Kumalak / Placed second in the World Championship 2009), Trainer May 14, 2005
Paul Smith United Kingdom Master Player (Oware, Promoter Jan 1, 2001
Daniel Troyka USA Game Inventor (Cross-Mancala) Jun 30, 2004
Nino Vessella Italy Author, Promoter Mar 18, 2007
Alexander Johan de Voogt Netherlands Researcher (Bao la Kiswahili, Hus, Hawalis, Pallankuzhi, Warri) May 2, 2002

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