The Mind Sports Olympiad main event is annually organised in England by the Mind Sports Organisation (MSO). So far it featured tournaments in Oware and Toguz Kumalak. A similar but smaller satellite event is held in Cambridge.

The first Mind Sports Olympiad was held in London's Royal Festival Hall in 1997. It brought together an unprecedented number of strategy games and events. William Hartston in The Independent said, "The biggest gamesfest ever to hit these (or perhaps any other) shores".

The Mind Sports Olympiad returned to London with sponsorship in both 1998 and 1999. Despite a falling out between the organisers a successful event was held in Alexandra Palace the next year in 2000.

The Mind Sports Olympiad continued to happen but without sponsorship the tournaments were held at a number of different universities. The event was still going strong for the years 2001 - 2006. But in 2007 the Mind Sports Olympiad was reduced to a much smaller venue in Potters Bar due to no sponsorship and no advertising. In 2008 the MSO saw a revival returning to a central London venue, The Royal Horticultural Halls, Westminster and again on 21–31 August 2009. The 2010 event was held at the Soho Theatre in London. In 2011, the Mind Sports Olympiad moved to a bigger venue, the University of London Union. The 16th MSO will take place once again at the University of London Union in August 18-27, 2012.

Results of Mancala Tournaments

Year Venue Game Medallists
1997 Royal Festival Hall, London Oware 1 Sakile Richards (Antigua)
2 Ian Pacquette (Guadeloupe)
3 Kofi Bonsu (Ghana)
1998 Novotel Hotel, Hammersmith Oware 1 Trevor Simon (Antigua)
2 Kambui Charles (Antigua)
3 Pumpkin Lewis (Antigua)
1999 Kensington Olympia, London Oware 1 Trevor Simon (Antigua)
2 Jonas Esse (Ivory Coast)
3 Demis Hassabis (UK)
2000 Alexandra Palace, London Oware 1 Trevor Simon (Antigua)
2 September Christian (Antigua)
3 Pumpkin Lewis (Antigua)
2003 Manchester University, Manchester Oware 1 Paul Smith (UK)
2 George Miller (UK)
3 David Kotin (Belarus)
2004 Manchester University, Manchester Oware 1 Dario De Toffoli (Italy)
2 Paul Smith (UK)
3 Hana Kvapilova (Czech Republic)
2005 Manchester University, Manchester Oware 1 Hana Kvapilova (Czech Republic)
2 Tim Hebbes (UK)
3 David Pearce (UK)
2006 Westminster University, London Oware 1 Blaise Joly (France)
2 Darryl Artt (UK)
3 Maxat Shotayev (Kazakhstan)
2006 Westminster University, London Toguz Kumalak 1 Aidos Seitzhanov (Kazakhstan)
2 Gulzahn Magauova (Kazakhstan)
3 Maxat Shotayev (Kazakhstan)
2007 United Reformed Church, Potters Bar Oware 1 Paul Smith (UK)
2 Tige Nnando (UK)
3 Bharat Thakrar (UK)
2011 University of London Union, London Oware 1 Dario De Toffoli (Italy)
2 Paco Garcia De La Banda (Spain)
3 Matthew Hathrell (UK)

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