Mancala World
Mak Khom
Other Names: Tungkayon
First Description: James
Low, 1836
Cycles: One
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Multiple laps
Region: Thailand

Mak Khom is a mancala game played by the Muslim population in the south of Thailand. The rules were first described in 1836 by Major James Low. They are only incompletely known in the west. The game is probably similar to Congkak.

The description from 1836:

"Mak khom is a trough with seven cups on each side. The players have each forty-nine counters distributed equally in the cups, i.e. seven each. Each takes out the contents of the first cup, and counts them out to the right hand to the last number,-setting aside the counter which remains. They then begin with the second number, and, when its contents, have been told out, they respectively take out of the cups (amongst which the last told out counter falls) their contents, and proceed to count as before. They may take the whole of the number in any cup, or only part of it. The parties agree that after a certain number has been won by one of them the game shall cease-as it may be immoderately lengthened out."


Low, J.
On Siamese Literature, Part II. In: Asiatic Researches, Or, Transactions of the Society Instituted in Calcutta (India) 1836; 20: 380.


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