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long night game
Inventor: Matthias Liszt, 2006
Variant of Vai Lung Thlan
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Multiple laps
Region: Austria

The long night game (all lower case) was invented by the Austrian Matthias Liszt in August 2006. Similar games are Nyakun and Vai Lung Thlan.


The game is played on a board of eight pits with 40 stones that are randomly distributed before the game starts.


Initial Position

On his turn a player distributes the contents of any non-empty pit one by one anti-clockwise around the board.

If the last stone falls into an occupied pit, its contents are lifted and distributed in another lap.

The first lap of a turn must end in a non-empty pit.



The marked pit is the only legal move.

A move ends, after at least two laps, when the last stone is placed into an empty pit.

When the move has ended, the player captures all singletons.

The game ends when no legal move is left.

The player who captured most stones wins. The stones which are still in pits are not counted.


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