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Leb Bbut Ahbochen
First Description: Jordi
Climent Tondo, 2010
Cycles: One
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single and mul-
tiple laps
Region: Morocco

Leb Bbut Ahbochen ("game of the holes") is played by the Amazigh in the towns of Zagora and Taghbalt in the south-east of Morocco. The Amazigh people ("free men") are the indigenous non-Arab Berber population of North Africa. The game is a distant relative of Oware. It was first described by Jordi Climent Tondo on the Catalan web site in 2010.


Leb Bbut Ahbochen is played on two-row boards, which may have two, four, six, eight or ten holes per row.

Initially each hole contains four seeds.


Initial Position (Largest Board)

On his turn a player distributes the contents of one of his holes, one by one, counterclockwise into the ensuing holes.

The move ends after one lap unless the last seed falls into an hole on his opponent's side which contained six seeds. In this case these seeds including the one which had been dropped into the hole must be sown in another lap.

If the last seed was placed into an opponent's hole that brought its total to two or four, all the seeds in that hole are captured.

If the previous-to-last seed also brought an opponent's home to two or four, these are captured as well, and so on.

However, if a move would capture all an opponent's seeds, the capture is forfeited, and the seeds are instead left on the board, since this would prevent the opponent from continuing the game.

If all holes of the opponent are empty, the current player must make a move that gives the opponent seeds (that is he must feed" him).

Note: Unlike from Oware the original hole is not skipped, when a player sows one full circle.

The game ends, when a player can't move at the start of his turn or when the game has been reduced to an endless cycle.

If the game ended because a player couldn't move, his opponent captures all seeds that are still in his holes.

If the game ended because seeds continued to circle around the board and no player could capture them, they are divided between the players, when each one of them has seeds on his side. Each player gets the seeds, which are in his holes.

The player who captured most wins.

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