Mancala World
Lamè Uwèlèdèt
First Description: Harold
Courlander, 1943
Cycles: One
Ranks: Three
Sowing: Multiple laps
Region: Eritrea, Ethiopia

Lamè Uwèlèdèt is played by the Tigrinya people who live in the northern highlands of Ethiopia's Tigray province and the southern, central and northern parts of Eritrea. The game is a minor variant of Sulus Aidi.


The game is played according to the same rules as Sulus Aidi except for a different "opening gambit":

A game is initiated by picking up a seed from the first, third, fifth, seventh and ninth hole of the player's side, after that these seeds are distributed as usual starting in the next hole.


Courlander, H.
The Ethiopian Game of Gobeta. In: The Negro History Bulletin 1943; 7 (10): 21-23.


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