First Description: 2012
Cycles: One
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single laps
Region: Ivory Coast

Kpé is played by the Bété people in the southwest of the Ivory Coast. The game was once played in a competitive manner between different villages, but has now become an innocent pastime after fieldwork or during vacations. The game was first described by Jordi Climent Tondo in 2012.


Kpé is played on a board which has two rows each of four holes with with six stones per hole. Each player controls one row.


Initial Position

On his turn a player empties one of his holes and distributes its contents, one by one, counterclockwise into the ensuing holes. The sowing ends after a single lap.

If the opponent has only empty holes, a move must be played that gives him stones.

Stones can be captured, however, a player must first sow the initial contents of all his four holes, before he can start to make a valid capture.

If the last stone falls into an opponent's hole making its contents two or four, these stones are captured.

If this hole is preceded by an unbroken chain of holes, which also contain two or four counters, these are also taken. Captures can only be in the opponent's territory.

The move ends after a capture.

The game ends, when a player has nothing to move.

The remaining stones are appropriated by the player who owns their holes.

The player who captured most stones wins the game.

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