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Kofi C. Agudoawu, also known as Kofi "Tall" for his impressive height, is a Ghanaian artisan famous for his hand-carved Oware boards made of white ofran iroko (oak) or osese wood. He was born in 1959 in Ghana. After he finished his secondary school education in 1979, he was a school teacher, accounts clerk, store keeper, and hand pump installer on a national water project. In 1987, after he had run out of jobs, he began to make Oware boards for the National Cultural Center in Kumasi. He developed his own style and created his own trade name KTG (Kofi Tall Games). Since then he has participated in trade fairs and exhibitions with the Ashanti Craftsmen Association. His boards have names such as Odwaen Mbenn, which refers to the abstract sheep horn designs on their surface, Sankofa Anoma, "the bird that's looking backwards" (ie. into one's past), or Bosumtwi Nsuo, "waves of Lake Bosumtwi" (the largest and deepest natural lake in Ghana).

In 1991, Agudoawu wrote a booklet on the rules for playing Oware, which is officially recognized by the Oware Society in London (UK).

He has now moved to Bonwire near Kumasi.


Agudoawu, K. C.
Oware The Abapa Version. Kofi Tall Enterprise, Kumasi (Ghana) 1991.

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