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Katakyie Opoku Ware I (1700-1750) was an Oyoko king or Asantehene - the ruler of the Ashanti - in the now-disbanded Ashanti Confederacy which occupied parts of what is now Ghana. He is credited with being the "empire builder" of the Ashanti Confederacy.

He married and had two children named Adusei Atwenewa and Adusei Kra.

During his role as king which lasted from 1720 (some even evidence that it could be as early as 1718 while leading the army against the Akyem) to his death in 1750, he fought some battles against Bono and successfully defeating them by 1723. By 1726, they also conquered the Wasa tribe. Then after, between 1741 and 1744, King Opoku won fights against Akyem, Akwamu or Ga-Adangbe. This initiated Ashanti's take over the Gold Coast and the Ivory Coast.

Discrepancies in sources imply he either died in 1742, or around 1750.

After his death, he was succeeded by Kusi Obodom.

It has been claimed that the 'O' in Oware, a popular mancala game, refers to him.


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