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Ise Ozin Egbe
First Description: J. U.
Egharevba, 1949
Cycles: One
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Multiple laps
Region: Nigeria

Ise Ozin Egbe ("perseverance game") is a solitaire game played in southern Nigeria.

This game is more about manual dexterity than anything else, as the movements are predetermined. It is very useful to introduce people to sowing, especially multiple lap sowing.


The board consists in two ranks of three holes each. The player also needs 22 seeds.


Initial Position

Initially the seeds are put into the holes as shown in the diagram above.

To start, all seeds are picked up from the central hole of the lower row and then sown clockwise (in fact, the sense doesn't matter). The player keeps on sowing in multiple laps.

The player has won if the initial position is repeated. If he makes no mistake he will achieve his goal after 144 sowings.


In 1994, Víktor Bautista i Roca made a typo mistake in a Catalan publication about traditional games and wrote it as ise onzin egbe. This mistake is still propagating, and not only in Catalan.


Egharevba, J. U. 
Benin Games and Sports. Benin City (Benin) 1949, 26.


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