Hoyito III

Other Names: Caille,
Casitas, Casitas de
Mate, El Hoyito, Mate
First Description: Víktor
Bautista i Roca, 2005
Cycles: One
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Multiple laps
Region: Dominican Re-

Hoyito (also known as El Hoyito, Casitas or Mate) is the generic term used in the Dominican Republic for many different mancala games. Hoyito means "little hole". The games were first described by Víktor Bautista i Roca, who together with Salvador Cases i Majoral interviewed Dominican expatriates in Catalonia (September 2004), and then conducted a field study for three weeks in the Dominican Republic (January-February 2005).

The general cultural background is given here.

Hoyito III was played by a young man known as Johnny (at the time of the interview 20 years old) in Barahona who came from the sugar factory of Batey.


The rules are identical to Hoyito II except for the following:

  • Players may only capture the contents of the last hole.
  • When the game is played in rounds, the last four stones are captured in the first two rounds by the player who captured the last four but one.
  • In the next rounds, the last four stones are captured by the player who won the previous game.


Bautista i Roca, V.
Africa Hidden Inside a Small Hole. Paper presented in the VIIIth Board Game Studies Colloquium. Oxford (England) April 2005.

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