Inventor: Veljko Cirovic &
Nebojsa Sankovic, 2010
Ranks: Ten by Ten
Sowing: Single laps
Region: Serbia

Freedom ia a two-dimensional sowing game, which was invented by Veljko Cirovic and Nebojsa Sankovic (both Serbia) in 2010. The game was implemented by Arty Sandler for igGameCenter on November 10, 2010.

Freedom is related to Gomoku and also to Slimetrail. It is a challenging abstract that can also be played with a Go set or with pen and paper.

There was a Freedom tournament for Juniors (8x8 version) in Valjevo (Serbia) on June 9, 2011 with eight participants, which was won by Lula I. (second was Jelena K.).


Freedom (board game) - counting.gif
End of the Game
The standard board has 10×10 squares, which is initially empty. Each player has 50 stones, white or black ones.

White starts, putting one white stone anywhere on the board.

After this move a player puts one of his stones on an empty square orthogonally adjacent to the last opponent's stone.

If all adjacent squares are occupied, the player gets the right ("freedom") to place his stone on any empty square on the board.

The game is finished when all squares are occupied. The last player may pass and leave the last square empty, if placing a stone would reduce his score.

The goal of the game is to have more "live stones" than the opponent. A stone is considered to be alive if it is part of a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of exactly four stones of the sam color.


Beginners can try the game on a 8×8 board, while advanced players may use a 12x12 board.

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