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Cross-Wari → German.

Inventor: William Daniel
Troyka, 2001
Variant of Oware
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single laps
Region: USA

Cross-Wari was invented by the American William Daniel Troyka in May of 2001 while he was living in Boston, Massachusetts, shortly before he moved to Saline, Michigan. Troyka is the current Camelot Champion of the World.

Cross-Wari is the implementation of the Cross-Mancala meta-rule to Oware.


The rules are almost identical with Oware as played in Ghana (Abapa rules).

Differences are:

  • The most challenging Cross-Wari variant starts with six beans in each hole. It is also permitted to begin with three, four or five beans per hole.


Initial Position

  • Holes with an odd number of beans are sown clockwise, whereas holes with an even number continue to be sown counterclockwise.
  • The beans remaining in play when the game is terminated are not counted.


Troyka, W. D.
Cross-Wari. In: Zillions of Games. Zillions of Games Development Corp., Boulder Creek (USA) 2001.

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