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Inventor: William Daniel
Troyka, 2002
Variant of Endodoi
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Multiple laps
Region: USA

Cross-Endodoi was invented by William Daniel Troyka in 2002 and soon afterwards implemented in Zillions of Games.

Cross-Endodoi is an application of the Cross-Mancala meta-rule on Endodoi and similar to Giuthi.


The board has two rows, each of which has six holes. Each player also owns a store to deposit his captures.

Initially there is a fixed number of beans in each hole, three being the most simple variant, six for the advanced player [according to the author of the game]. However, Cross-Endodo(6;6) is flawed (see talk page).


Initial Position

The contents of holes with an odd number of seeds are distributed clockwise, while holes with an even number of seeds are sown counterclockwise.

If the sowing ends in a non-empty hole, its contents, including the last bean sown, are distributed in another lap. Again, the direction of sowing (clockwise or counterclockwise) depends on the number of beans, whether it is odd or even.

If the sowing ends in an empty hole, the turn is over.

  • If the last bean falls into an empty friendly hole, any beans in the opposing enemy hole hole, along with the last bean dropped, are captured.
  • If the last bean is placed into an enemy hole or in a friendly hole opposite an empty enemy hole, nothing is captured.

The game ends when a player can't move. The remaining beans are awarded to the opponent.

The winner is the player with the most captured beans at the end of the game. If the players each capture half the beans, the game is a draw.

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Game: Cross-Endodoi. In: Zillions of Games. Zillions Development Corporation, Boulder Creek (USA) 2002.


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