Cranium Grab & Go Mancala Mania - Purple Stone Variant

Cranium Grab & Go Mancala Mania
- Purple Stone Variant
Inventor: (?), 2006
Variant of Kalah
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single laps
Region: USA

Cranium Grab & Go Mancala Mania - Purple Stone Variant is a spiced-up Kalah variant. The game was first published in 2006 by Cranium, Inc., later bought by Hasbro. It was sold together with the "stone sprint variant", which, however, isn't a mancala game (no sowing!), but a race game played with dice more akin to Backgammon.


The Purple Stone Variant is Kalah with a twist.

The board has two rows with six pits and a store at either end. A player owns the store to his right.

Each pit contains four stones at the start. One of the stones in the 6th pit (the one adjacent to the player's store) of each row is purple.


Initial Position

Players take turns moving the seeds.

Play is counterclockwise. The stones are distributed one by one in the pits and the players own store, but not into the opponent's store.

  • If the last stone is dropped into an opponent's pit or a non-empty pit of the player, the move ends without anything being captured.
  • If the last stone falls into the player's store, he must move again.
  • If the last stone is put into an empty pit owned by the player, he captures this stone and, in addition, all contents of the opposite pit puts them in his store.
  • If either purple stone lands in an empty pit (even if it's not the last stone), this stone and the contents of the opposite pit are captured by the player who owns the empty pit.

A capture ends the move.

The game ends when a player has no legal move and the remaining pieces are captured by his adversary. The player who has captured most pieces is declared the winner.

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