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Clark Daniel Rodeffer (*April 30, 1970) is an American game inventor. He designed numerous sowing games: Inchworm (2000), Tea Party (2001), Cow Poke (2005), Spectral Reapers (2006) and Zig Zag (together with Amanda J. L. Rodeffer, 2006), although he is best known for Pulling Strings, an entry in the 2003 Simultaneous Movement Game Design Competition. Two of his sowing games can be played online: Zig Zag on Richard's PBeM-server and Inchworm on Super Duper Games. Since 2001 Clark organizes an annual tournament of two-player abstract strategy games as part of "U-Con Gaming Convention" in Ann Arbor, a major gaming event in the USA.

Clark grew up as the son of a school teacher and farmer. He learned to drive a riding lawn mower at age five and a pickup truck at age six. His grandmother fostered his appreciation for games at an early age and so deeply influenced his later life. In the late 1990s, he studied for four years Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Clemson University, South Carolina (a time he considers as "slave labor in the deep south"). He is married to Amanda Joy Lemons Rodeffer (*May 28, 1979) since September 22, 2000. They have three young children.

Clark is an avid caver and a member of the National Speleological Society, an organization dedicated to the safe exploration and ecological protection of America's cave systems. He also loves music, stargazing and talking about religion, theology and philosophy. Together with his wife he belongs to an Americana style bar band called Gingerine that has just begun recording their first album.

Clark accepted Christ when he was 12 and was baptized shortly thereafter at a Christian youth camp in western Illinois. He was raised in a Christian home and was blessed with godly parents. Clark and his family are members of the local Vineyard church in Ann Arbor MI, USA. His favorite book is the Bible.

"Gaming is somewhat of a mission field."

Clark D. Rodeffer (2006)

Rodeffer's Games

Name Type of Game Year
Inchworm Two-dimensional sowing game 2000
Amphibious Assault Manual dexterity game 2001
Tea Party Mancala game 2001
Dino-Czars Chess variant 2002
Pulling Strings Reach-a-position game 2002
Black Thursday Thematic buying and selling game 2003
Sailboat Regatta Thematic race game 2003
Slides of Action Connection game 2003
Blood Diamonds Thematic game 2004
Mathrix, The Mathematical Solitaire 2004
Piece Packing Pirates Solitaire 2004
ShortChanged Deduction game 2004
Spam-O-Rama Thematic game 2004
Cow Poke Mancala game 2005
Pillars of Faith Thematic game 2005
Rubikon Solitaire connection game 2005
Broadway Domino game 2006
Petty Fiefs Thematic game 2006
Spectral Reapers Mancala game 2006
Sudominoku Domino puzzle (+ Solitaire variant) 2006
Take Off, Eh! Thematic game 2006
Tricky Dice game 2006
Zig Zag (together with Amanda J. L. Rodeffer) Mancala game 2006

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