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Christian Freeling → German, Portuguese.

Christian Freeling is a famous Dutch game designer who created more than 50 board games. His most popular game is Havannah, which was published in 1981 by Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH in Germany. He also invented two mancala games: Glass Bead Game and MiniMancala.

Freeling was born on February 1, 1947. He lives in Enschede, The Netherlands, and has three sons: Demian (1975), Myron (1978) and Falco (1993) and one daughter: Ninja (1982). Besides inventing new games, his main hobby is raising raccoon dogs.

On May 13, 2000, Freeling lost all his animals, games and books, when a fireworks warehouse in Enschede exploded.

A Selection of Freeling's Games

Name Type of Game Year
Havannah Connection game 1976
Chad Chess variant 1979
Glass Bead Game Mancala game 1979
HexDame Draughts variant 1979
Chakra Chess variant 1980
Emergo (with Ed van Zon) Stacking game 1980
Hexade Pattern building game 1980
Rotary Chess variant 1981
Yari Shogi Chess variant 1981
Caïssa Chess variant 1982
Dragonfly Chess variant 1982
Shakti Chess variant 1982
Loonybird Chess variant 1983
Grand Chess Chess variant 1984
Squeeze Capturing game 1984
HexEmergo Stacking game (Elimination) 1985
Bushka Draughts variant 1988
Trackgammon Backgammon variant 1997
Dameo Draughts variant 2000
MiniMancala Mancala game 2001
Dominions Territorial game 2002
HanniBall Breakthrough game 2009
YvY Connection game 2009
Charybdis Territorial game 2010
Charybdis Square Territorial game 2010
InSight Territorial Game 2010
Jump Sturdy Territorial game 2010
Lhexus Territorial game (most connections) 2010
Monkey Trap (Turd) Territorial game 2010
Query Connection game 2010
Soar Stacking game (Elimination) 2010
Sygo Territorial game 2010
Symple Territorial game 2010
Symple Hex Territorial game 2010
Trounce Stacking game (Elimination) 2010
Cyclix Chess variant 2011
Grabber Territorial game with stacking 2011
Pylix N-in-a row game with pseudostacking 2011
Square Triccs Territorial game 2012
Triccs Territorial game 2012

More game are Breakthrough (Reach-a-position game), Crossfire (stacking game inspired by Sid Sackson's Focus), Lotus (territorial game), MacBeth (territorial game; variant of Reversi), Medusa (territorial game), Mephisto (domino game), Mu (territorial game), Phalanx (territorial game), Rondo, (connection game - flawed), Square Off (territorial game), Superstar (connection game inspired by Craige Schensted's Star), and Swish (capturing game).

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