Other Names: 6 Cap Volcano
Inventor: Kristin Looney, 2010
Variant of Volcano
Ranks: Five by Five
Sowing: Single laps
Region: USA

Caldera, first called 6 Cap Volcano, is a variation of Volcano that uses 6 Treehouse sets (i.e. a collection of 15 Icehouse pieces, in 5 colors, with 1 large piece, 1 medium piece, and 1 small piece in each color worth of pieces and adds a few new twists. The game was designed by Kristin Looney (USA) in 2010.

"It totally shakes things up in really fascinating ways."

Kristin Looney


Follow the rules to Volcano except for the following:

Initial Position
  • EQUIPMENT & SETUP - Instead of 5 monochrome stashes (5 nests of 5 colors which fills up the 25 spaces on a 5x5 board) players have 6 rainbow stashes (6 nests of 4 colors (minus black) which fills 24 spaces on the 5x5 board) - the center square empty is left empty; players also use 6 caps instead of 5 (see picture).
  • END CONDITION - instead of the game ending when someone takes all 5 colors, and counting points for the winner - the end condition in Caldera is to collect 3 monochrome trees (and it's okay if 2 or even all 3 are the same color).
  • POWER PLAY MOVE - while players are moving the caps around (at any time before their eruption) they have the option to place one piece from your captured pieces back on the board.
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