Mancala World
Inventor: Bill Taylor,
Ranks: Eight by Eight
Sowing: Fractured
Region: New Zealand

Caduceus was first described by Bill Taylor in 2011 on his blog "Trabsact Sagme Diaries", which is devoted to new or obscure abstract strategy games. Caduceus, which was inspired by the light motorcyles from the TRON movies has a mancala-like "leave-a-trail" move mechanic akin to sowing.


Initial Position

The game is played on an 8x8 board.

Each player starts with two stones, which are placed at opposite corners.

On his turn, a player removes the "tail" of one of his groups (i.e. the last stone), then adds two new stones, one after another, on orthogonally adjacent cells at the head of it.

A player loses if he cannot complete a legal turn.


According to the Trabsact Sagme Diaries "a better variant uses double removal and triple growth for faster moves (and a 10x10 board)".

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