Blue Nile

Blue Nile
Inventor: William Daniel
Troyka, 2002
Ranks: Five by Five (hexagonal)
Sowing: Fractured
Region: USA

Blue Nile was designed by the American game inventor William Daniel Troyka in 2002. The game can be played with Zillions, a game package for Windows that uses a unique "universal gaming engine" technology.

Blue Nile has a rather unusual "leave-a-trail" mechanism akin to sowing. In each game, the players do exactly one sowing together split into numerous parts.

"You can think of your mission as finding the source of the Nile. You follow the River until it goes no farther. The last player to move is the first to find the source, and that player is the winner."

William Daniel Troyka


Blue nile.jpg
Board for Blue Nile
Blue Nile is played on a hexagonal board with each side having five hexagons.

At his turn a player puts a stone on an empty hexagon:

  • This square must be adjacent to the last dropped stone.
  • However, it may not be adjacent to any other stone.

A player loses if he cannot make a legal move. Draws and ties are not possible.

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