Mancala World

There are just a few blogs, which promote mancala games. Most of these blogs are about Oware, Bao la Kiswahili and Toguz Kumalak. Only some of those listed below are still active.

List of Blogs
Title Games Author Created Country Languages
les allumés de l'awalé Awalé "tartaupomm" April 26, 2006 France French, English, German, Italian, Spanish
Aula d'Acollida de l'IES Argentona Aualé MªRosa February 26, 2007 Spain Catalan
Le jeu du bao Bao la Kiswahili (?) March 2007 France English, French
Dokuz Kumalak Dokus Korgool Mangala Bohnenspiel, Mangala, Toguz Kumalak Arslan Küçükyıldız September 13, 2007 Turkey Turkish
giocare al museo Bao la Kiswahili, Congklak, Pallanguzhi Pier Paolo Rinaldi September 23, 2007 Italy Italian
Toghiz Kumalak Toguz Kumalak (?) December 4, 2008 Kazakhstan Kazakh
9kumalakshkola’s Blog Toguz Kumalak (?) January 26, 2009 Russia Russian
1a-eb1-raulino-lx Hawalis, Ouri Maria do Céu Rodrigues Aguiar Lopes Tavares March 19, 2009 Portugal Portuguese
MANCALA GAMES multiple games (about Mancala boards) Arthur Dentt April 14, 2009 Spain Spanish
MACPRI Oware Canada Oware Adisa Oji December 14, 2009 Canada English
FREEDOM - New abstract strategy game Freedom Veljko Cirovic May 26, 2010 Serbia English


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