Mancala World
Bao la Kujifunza
Other Names: Mbili-mbili
First Description: (?), 1971
Cycles: Two
Ranks: Four
Sowing: Multiple laps
Region: D. R. of the Congo (?),
Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania

Bao la Kujifunza (Swahili for: "Bao for beginners"), also called Mbili-mbili (according to a post of the German Bao player Ronald Schaffhirt in the Kamusi Project forum), is a simple Bao variant played by children and other Bao beginners in Kenya and Tanzania. It was already described in 1971 in a leaflet of the National Museum of Tanzania about Bao.


According to the Italian Bao expert Nino Vessella Bao la kujifunza is played with the rules of the second stage of Bao only, but without the takasia rule. There are no seeds in hand. At the start of the game each hole contains two counters.


Initial Position

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