Mancala World
Other Names: QuatreCala
Inventor: Colin Leamon,
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single laps
Region: England

BalaGwari (from Sanskrit: bala = "child"; and Cornish: gwary = "game") was designed by Colin Leamon (England), a manager of Treasure Trails Games in 2008. At first, he called his mancala game QuatreCala. It was planned to publish the game by Treasure Trails Games, but (according to Leamon) they won’t be making BalaGwari because of their limited budget.


The game is played on a board, which consists of two rows, each one with four holes called "pots". In the original board, the store is in front of each player's row.

Initially each hole of the southern row contains four black seeds and each hole of the northern row four white seeds. The player in front of the southern row is called "Black", the player opposite to him "White".


Initial Position

Black starts.

On his turn a player lifts the contents of a hole, which contains at least one of his seeds, and "plants" them, one by one, clockwise into the succeeding holes.

If the last seed falls into an empty hole, the player "harvests" that seed and any seeds in the opposite hole.

The captures are put into the player's store.

The game ends, when a player cannot move.

The seeds that remain on the board at the end of the game are not counted.

The player who has captured more seeds of his opponent's color is the winner.

The game is a draw, when both player have captured the same number of opponent's seeds.

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