Mancala World
First Description: Viktor
Bautista i Roca, 2009
Cycles: One
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Single laps
Region: Morocco

Bakuk is a mancala game played in Jbala, Morocco. Jbala is a mountainous area in the Western Rif. Its population is of Amazigh origin, although they speak Arabic.

The game is played by shepherds. The holes are always dug in the ground, there are no wooden boards. Pebbles or goat droppings are used as gaming pieces. The rules are very similar to Koumma.

The game was first described by Viktor Bautista i Roca in 2009. He was told the rules by Anuar, a Catalan social worker coming from Jbala.


The board consists of two rows, each one with three holes.

Initially there are six pieces in each hole.


Initial Position

If there are two players, each player controls the three holes on his side of the board. If there are three players each controls two adjacent holes.

At his turn a player takes the contents of any hole of his side of the board and sows them counterclockwise, one by one, starting in the next one.

If the last piece ends in a hole making a total of 2 or 4, those pieces are captured and removed from the board.

If you have captured, you also get the contents of the following holes (in an unbroken sequence) that contain also 2 or 4 pieces.

The player who has captured most pieces, wins the game.

Differences to Koumma:

  • In Koumma the first piece is sown into the hole, which has been just emptied.
  • In Koumma groups of six are also captured.


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