Mancala World
First Description: Richard
Pankhurst, 1971
Cycles: One
Ranks: Two
Sowing: Multiple laps
Region: South Sudan

Ayit (literally "game") is a mancala game of the Dinka in South Sudan. The game was first described by Richard Pankhurst in 1971.

Ayit resembles Anywoli, Ba-awa and Obridjie. It is also closely related to the Nuer game of Yit Nuri.


The rules are similar to those of Anywoli except the following:

  • The rows number nine holes.
  • Each hole contains two seeds.
  • The game comes to an abrupt end when no hole contains a group of five or more seeds known as thon ("bull"). The remaining seeds are approproated by the owner of its holes.


Pankhurst, R. 
Gabata and Related Board Games of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. In: Ethiopia Observer 1971; 14 (3): 204.


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